Friday, January 28, 2011

In every second, news is published around the world from news about economic situation to news about hobbies, and news on many other topics. However, it is impossible for us to update news considering our activities. Fortunately, development of information technology has enabled us to get every news update on hot news / trending news world wide in our smart phone. As long as you have smart phone and email, you will be updated whenever any update published.

International online magazines and online news portals always provide you with what is happening in every part of the world. Let’s say you are in South Africa and at the same time there is movie launching in America; only within minutes or even seconds, you can get complete information about the movie and movie launching by searching through internet. If you visit online news portals, do not forget to be subscriber so your will always get email containing trending news around the world.

Social media such as Twitter can also become a source to know trending news around the world. Twitter users come from around the world so whatever becomes trending topic in Twitter means that many people around the world are talking on those trending topics.


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