Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yesterday’s explosive bout was held between former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Vs Lyoto Machida at UFC123, where Rampage won by split decision over Lyoto Machida in the third round. The event took place at Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The first two rounds of the Machida vs. Jackson match were enormously close with round two quite noticeably a Rampage round.

Rampage won the 1st and 2nd rounds according to the three judge’s scorecards, while Machida ultimately caught the third and the third round was seized the most action of the night.

Round 1 was extremely close, while, and depending on what the spectator was appearing for as to who they would support. Jackson came out aggressive and took the middle of the cage, glancing to locate his range. Machida start the round with leg kicks and keeps away from injure for the greater part of the round.

Whereas Rampage only fired with a big uppercut, he was undoubtedly the more violent of the two and pressed the action in all but the final round. After the fight he acted as however he had lost.

In the third round, Machida lastly started the round for a punch and it damage Jackson. He landed an outbreak of punches and kicks after throbbing Rampage and took the clash to the ground.

On the floor, Machida passed to side control and then into full rise. He was unable to do lot of harm from top and gave up spot on an arm bar effort that Jackson motorized out of, but it was the primarily overriding round of the battle. Presently Quinton “Rampage” Jackson stood-up at a record of 31-8.

Tonight’s Rampage Vs Machida fight cards were awarded superlative bonuses for best knockout, submission and generally fight. This evening’s bonuses came in the amount of $80,000.


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