Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am nothing but feel so thankful for living in tropics country like Indonesia. When the western have been very fond of the ‘tan’ and the warm sun shine, on the contrary, this land I live in, is overwhelmed with sun shine for almost the whole years of our daily life. One advantage from this condition is that our country has been wellknown for our tropical vacation spots.

Speaking about tropical countries, actually there have been many other tropics countries that become tourism destination. According to geographic theory, all places that is passed by equator is tropics.

One other destination country that I know is Tahiti and Hawaii. As far as I know those countries has been well known for its exotism, and Tahiti honeymoon vacation is considered to be a special part of western's wedding and honeymoon. Perhaps the main reason is because of the 'tan' factor, the spicy cuisine, and the richness of the cultures..

No wonder countries like Indonesia, Hawaii, Tahiti and any other tropics countries is managing their tourism potential, and pushed it in certain ways. Besides tourism can also contribute the countries' income. And me as an Indonesian, I somewhat feel proud of the beautiful views and this tropics.


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