Friday, November 14, 2008

Since the last two months I am concentrating in weight loss, I started to seek any information, tips, and any other guides concerning with weight loss. Actually I am not that fat as you imagine, but since the last festive, I have been a little of our control in my daily food intake.

When I was surfing the internet one day, I found this very interested blog that is authorized by Dean Tornabene. It is a complete source of weight loss matter, and I swear I found some very brand news windows of weight loss and weight gain. Like when speaking about the word hormone, I found out that Insulin is the main hormone behind weight loss. It is a little bit sturdy since all of this times I thought hormones is merely about reproduction hehehe…..

Not only that, I found many other information too, like the impact of sleeping to our weight loss ? Have you had any idea that eventually having a sleep-problems is the great supporter for weight gain. The lack of sleep has lead to metabolism decrease, it will increase appetite and it make our body store more fat than carbs...uuu...scary...Hmm...I don't wanna have this lack !!!

With the abandon information I get from lookcut, from the kinds of weight loss basics, the advanced and the favorite weight loss programs, has made my intention in maintaining my weight loss be more focus and in a healthier way.

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OneDish said...

I also think this is interesting.

- s L i K e R s - said...

Gambarnya bikin horni.. :p

salam kenal dari - s L i K e R s -

Eko Priyanto said...

weks gituan masa bikin horni sih he..he..
lam kenal juga :)

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