Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recommended Firefox Extensions

Following news and articles about technology and all the gadget advancements feel like never end. I remember the first time I be interested in tracking down gadget news and information is beginning when I was still in high school. That time I am a game frenzy. Times after that I am very curious to find out more and more news and reviews about gadget and technology, and apply them as much as I could.

Recently I have just read an article on best extensions for Firefox. It happens that I use firefox as my browser, so using extensions provided will give me more advantages, which I can match to what I need. But when I thought one browser is enough, I found that there are so many recommended software to have as the best Windows software. I read that there are thirty four recommended software for us featuring software from graphics, multimedia, plus some other kinds of browser that we can take. What an amazing news !!!

One point plus from gadget is the fun thing we can get. And speaking about all in one multimedia software review, blaze media pro is certainly the deadliest fun gadget ever. I have read Blaze Media Pro review and in my opinion this is really something. I mean we don't need anymore devices to play various kinds of file.

The more I read about gadget news, I feel the more nerd I be about you guys ?


OOM said...

Mau komen tapi ra modeng ko heheh..sukses aja dah :0

Xpresi said...

lam kenal ;))

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