Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baldness is a problem for everyone, especially for women because women would like to look pretty. But bald can come every time, we cannot predict when it will come. If you think that only adults and senior that will experience bald, you are wrong, nowadays children and teenagers can also be bald.
There is no such thing to stop the baldness, because it is hormonal. Means that it caused by the activity of the hormone. But you do not need to be sad, because now with the help of technology you can do hair transplant.

Hair transplant will basically re grow your own hair that stopped because of the hormone’s activity, so in hair transplant you do not use other people’s hair to be attached in your head. How about the cost? To determine the pricing of a hair transplant procedure is depend on the level of the baldness and the method used. But approximately the cost in doing hair transplant is around $2,500 up to $9,000. For some people it might categorized as expensive, but if you compare with spending around $10,000 annually for non surgeon method in growing your hair like magic hair grown potion, wings and other non surgical methods, to spend $2,500 up to $9,000 in just one single surgery is lot cheaper.


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