Friday, February 4, 2011

To have cell phones becomes a must to simplify their communication. The needs of cell phones are now not only for sending messages or calling. Some brands of cell phones have modified the functions of several types of their cellphones. People can have mini computer in the form of cell phones nowadays.

There are many brands of modern cell phones offered in the market. People can choose nokia as the trusted brand and buy Nokia C6 as their partner in technology. This cell phone is the smallest symbian phone people may have. The most impressive part of this cell phone is the 3.2 inch AMOLED screen with Nokia clearblack technology.

This technology offers good and better quality of images than previous Nokia models. There is eight megapixel camera which accompanies you take such photographs. The features are almost the same like C7 but C6 is presented for the ones who are about to buy good quality of cell phone with lower price.

The internal memory provided by this cell phone is 340 MB and you can have external 2 GB memory. There are two colours presented for people to choose, those are silver and black. The design is quite simple with 131 grams as the weight.


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