Friday, January 7, 2011

Rose Bowl Parade 2011: Tournament of Roses Parade - Float Line up, Traffic Route, Schedule - The annual Tournament of Roses - Rose Bowl Parade or the Pasadena Rose Parade will be held tomorrow. The countdown to the biggest rose parade has started as the 122nd Rose Parade will be hosted by Honda. The theme for t
his year's Rose Bowl Parade 2011 to be held, January 1, 2011, is Building Dreams, Friendship & Memories.

Rose Bowl Parade 2011 Schedule

The Tournament of Roses Parade 2011 will be held January 1, 2011 (1/11/11) at exactly 8 PM (Pacific Standard Time) and 11 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

The floral floats in the Rose Bowl 2011 will be accompanied with high-stepping units of equestrians.

Rose Bowl Parade 2011 Traffic Route Map

The Rose Parade official website has an advisory for the Tournament of Roses 2011 Parade Traffic Route. The Rose Bowl Parade 2011 Map which is a five-and-a-half mile route which starts at the Green Street corner and Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena. It will then travel north at 2.5 mile per hour pace to the east of Colorado Boulevard. Then, the Rose Bowl will turn to north at the Sierra Madre Boulevard and ends at the corner of this street and the Villa Street.

Rose Bowl Parade 2011 Live Telecast, Broadcast

The 122nd Rose Parade will be live on the following channels: ABC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, KTLA (Tribune), NBC, RFD-TV and Univision. Forty-seven floats along with 22 bands and equestrians will be featured at the 2011 Pasadena Rose Parade.


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