Monday, January 3, 2011

In a match that took place at the Bung Karno Stadium on Wednesday (12/01/2010) night local time, Indonesia's first direct hit since the round began. But Malaysia gave a surprise at 'Team Red and White'.

A long feed from the back line is received by Safee Mohamad Bin Mohamad Ali on the left side. After outwit Hamka Hamzah, he let go of the bait to Norshahrul Idlan not terkawal. Through a right leg kick, he was immediately kick off the nets tore Mark.

However, Malaysia advantage did not last long. At minute 21, bait Nasuha swiftly from the left side into the penalty box Malaysia. There Irfan Bachdim there, but hit the foot of the players of Malaysia, Mohamad Asrarudin. Score change 1-1.

Goal Video Result Match Indonesia vs Malaysia Final AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Leg 2

Indonesia finally turned excel at minute 33 after the ball at the feet of the players captured by the word Utina Malaysia. Word was immediately gave the ball to Cristian, who after dribbling for a moment, release the left foot shot from outside the penalty box. Scores changed to 2-1.

Malaysia scored a goal in minute 40! But disallowed by the referee. Mohamad Safee that the ball right in front of goalkeeper Mark had already been caught offside.

Indonesia, which continued to press back to get a golden opportunity on 42 minutes. Irfan who was in the convoy Malaysian players, hard kick off his right foot from outside the penalty box.

The result? Irfan still kicking the ball wide on the right side of goal Malaysia.

Indonesia to increase the advantage a few minutes after the second round begins. Feed one or two of M. Ahmad Ridwan and Bustomi resolved well by Riidwan.
His strike from inside the penalty box could not be driven goalkeeper Malaysia, Mohamad Sharbinee.

Winning two goals to make Indonesia Malaysia continue to pressure defense. At minute 58, a slick collaboration between Okto Maniani and Word Utina completed Cristian Gonzalez with a left leg kick.

Unfortunately for Cristian, kicks can be pushed over by Sharbinee. Throw the ball Bachdim Irfan had targeted, but the attackers numbered 17 had already been caught offside.

One more opportunity is created Indonesia on 61 minutes. Unfortunately for Indonesia, kick M. Nasuha from the left side of the field still on the thin side right side of goal Malaysia.

Irfan has a good chance on 63 minutes. He let his volley from outside the penalty box, but Sharbinee successfully blocked it.

Okto Maniani absolutely brilliant on the left wing of Indonesia. At minute 74, its movement on the side of the field followed by operand ripe to Cristian Gonzalez. Last name, after maintaining the ball from defender-defender Malaysia, send operands to Irfan Bachdim on the right side.

Irfan was immediately hard kick off the right foot. but still can be driven by Sharbinee.

Two minutes later, a fourth goal Indonesia was born. Starting from the feed side of the left side of Indonesia's defense, the ball falling at the feet of defender Malaysia failed to excel. Ariel Suyono quickly grabbed the ball.

After controlling for a moment, Arief also kick off a strong right foot and make Sharbinee again picked up the ball from his net.

Irfan finally enlisting in the list of scorers in this match in minute 90. Indonesia is the fifth goal Okto initiated a cross from the left side, and struck well by Irfan who was in the far post.


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