Monday, November 1, 2010

Once you build your first website (be it a blog or not), you become addicted to it. The process of researching a niche, finding a good domain, setting up a CMS, producing content and promoting it is a blast. Sure, it takes a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun too.

Thinking about that I figured it would be cool to have a competition where people would duel to see who is the most skilled webmaster, and I decided to call it "The Webmasters Challenge." If everything goes well it will start next Wednesday, November 10, so read on.

The Competition

The idea is simple: Participants will start a website from scratch, using an available domain name, and they will compete over the next four months to see who can generate more profits with their websites.

Any type of website will be allowed, including mini/niche websites, blogs, forums, membership sites, online stores and so on.

The main rule is that no money can be spent other than on the domain and the shared hosting plan. So no paid advertising, no traffic or link purchases, and no money spent on products (e.g., ebook cover creation, software and so on).

Secondary rules are: no blackhat techniques can be used, competitors cannot use existing assets (e.g., established websites or email lists) to promote the new website, and the website itself can not be sold at the end of the competition to generate more profits.

The Prize: $1,000 Cash or More

I’ll be hosting the competition in partnership with HostNine, and the prize will be in proportion to the number of participants. For every 10 participants we’ll put $1,000 in cash as prize. So if 30 people participate the final cash prize will be $3,000. The winner will get 80% of that, and the runner-up 20%.

Once the competition is over I might also setup a mastermind group for the participants, so that they can keep exchanging ideas and business advice.

Sourfe : The Webmasters Challenge Starts November 10!


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