Friday, May 21, 2010

During the Google I/O conference held today in San Francisco, California, the incredible Google TV platform was unveiled despite a few setbacks. Google TV utilizes a new technology that combines TV with Internet, facilitating a program search engine and other extra goodies that come with the Internet. It will be available this fall in Sony and Logitech devices, as well as through the DISH network.

Utilizing a universal remote enables an Internet search bar on the TV screen, allowing you to search for upcoming programs. If not are available, you can stream online episodes directly to your TV. No more straining to look at your small laptop screen! Now you can watch an Internet episode with more than a few people crushed together behind a laptop.

Internet capabilities also allow you to search the web while continuing to watch live programming at the same time, a strong feature that multi-taskers are sure to love. If your phone has an Internet connection, you can share your material with the TV.

Unlike Apple’s iPad, Google TV will include Flash. Google also unveiled their new mobile platform, Android 2.2. Also known as Froyo, the browser is faster than before, with Flash capabilities, tethering, and portable hotspots.

Gather readers, are you excited about this new technology? Will you seek it out right away, or are you happy with regular TV capabilities? Share your thoughts below.

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