Sunday, May 16, 2010

Search, Compare and reques information from hundreds of wedding cake designers, One of the best parts of any wedding is definitely the cake. The wedding cake is an important part of the reception and symbolizes so much more than just a tasty dessert.

Although you may think it is just a cake – your wedding cake will, in fact, be the centre piece of your wedding reception. The eyes of all your guests will automatically rivet to the layers of cream, frosting and sugar with which you will cap the evening by cutting for all to share. So, when you are choosing your wedding cake, you have to make sure that it not only matches the style and theme of your wedding and reception, but that it is a proper reflection of you as a couple.

Choosing a wedding cake is probably one of the most enjoyable things about marriage planning, but it can take time to find just the right cake and just the right person to create it. Most could start this experience by looking at as many wedding cake pictures as they can.

The significant role that cakes play in a wedding is why they should be chosen with care. Here are a few things to keep in mind when Wedding Designers Cake:
  1. Research: If you have not already started looking through wedding magazines for wedding cake examples then now is a good time to do so! Narrow down your selection as much as possible before meeting with any baker or designer so that you know ahead of time what you want.
  2. Consult with your fiancĂ©: Since the cake should be a reflection of your couple, find out if you both want the same thing. If not, then find a style, flavor and design with which you are both happy. Also determine what you are willing to spend on your cake. 
  3. Have a theme: Most people want their cake to coordinate with elements of the wedding so you should have a good idea of:
  • The overall color scheme for the wedding from bridesmaid dresses to the table cloths
  • The flowers you will likely be using
  • What the budget is for your wedding cake
  • Approximately how many guests you expect
  • The overall style, theme and formality of your wedding
Knowing these things before you meet with your baker or cake designer will help you select a cake that will not only coordinate beautifully with your wedding but will give the festivities an added layer of style and sophistication.


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