Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wpress Monster is a Clean Design wordpress theme! Using this site, you can easly modifications for your site.   This file supports all of languages.   it will surely fit your site! Everything is dynamic!

Can be added unimited portfolio categories
Can be added unimited news or blog categories
Can be added image, mp3, swf, videos items
Search engine optimized
Full Custom Control with WordPress CMS Admininistrator
Custom logo field in the theme options
News ticker settings in the theme options
Footer can be edited from the theme options (copyright, icons, etc…)
All Images with jQuery Lightbox
Cross browser

Easy to Use and Customize
6 Custom Widget Areas
Nice Cu3er Banner Rotator
AJAX /PHP contact form with jQuery
Dropdown menu with jQuery
Valid XHTML 1 .0 Transitional!
Fixed (IE8-7-6 & Safari & Firefox2-3 & Chrome & Opera)
Credits to :


Anonymous said...

nih nama panjangnya hany eKo Priyanto ya???

agatha said...

soalnya aku kenal sama dia

agatha said...

namanya Hanny Eko Priyanto

agatha said...

iya pabukan ya????

Eko Priyanto said...

@Agatha : Bukan...nama ogut Eko Priyanto ga pakai hanny...hahahhaha

merawat dan memperbaiki komputer said...

mas boleh nanya tentang adsenya nggak ni?
kenapa bisa muncul terus kayak gitu,nggak ada PSA nya?
makasih ya sebelumnya....

oom-vmen said...

mas ekooo

oom-vmen said...

mass ekooooo

Tongkonan said...

OKe deh.. langsung disedot. Thanks! :)

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