Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Web browser is a basic software program to surf internet websites. Majority of internet surfers use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to open and browse websites. Besides installed web browsers, you can also use portable web browsers: these do not require install and you can carry them anywhere in a USB drive or CD, DVD media dics. Here are few top portable web browsers:

1. Opera portable

opera-logo-portableOpera has been around for while now. It is most glitzy and stylish web browser to surf the internet. Now you can relish Opera browser in portable format that does not invovle any file installation.

2. Portable Firefox

firefox-portableFirefox browser offer loads of customization options and features. You can download portable Firefox and carry it any where in a USB drive to surf internet without having to worry about leaving internet history or traces behind.

3. QtWeb portable

qtweb-portableIt is a free light weight web browser with loads of features like save as PDF, virtual keyboard and more. It is available in portable format (5MB), just download QtWeb portable and launch the file for your very own portable web browser. Surf internet without leaving any trace from CD, DVD or USB drive.

4. Maxthon portable

maxthon-portableIt is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It supports Mouse Gestures, Super Drag & Drop, Privacy Protection, RSS Reader, IE Extensions Support and Skinning. Download portable Maxthon browser for power internet surfing on the go.

5. Portable Google Chrome

google-chrome-portableChrome is web browser from Google. You can test drive the portable version of Chrome (though its little rough). Chrome being still under active development, there are not many features to play around (when compared to Firefox).


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I really love Mozilla Firefox for my browser.

tips dan triks said...

wahhh bagus mas article nya..kunjungi juga blog qw yang dofollow ya

indraphpx said...

Buat yang mao download portable lainnya bisa ke ...

mampir ya :)

Yahoo Vs Google said...

Oke sob,
Nice article

I"m trying to collect them.. thank :D

Sembrani said...

Good info...

Imonli said...

i think i like to used firefox
anyway you have nice artikel

mastanto said...

Exactly, i love portable browser :) Thank to you for this nice share. I have more reference on portable-ware :D

thom sharing said...

Terima kasih mas..
Emang enak sih make browser portable. Tinggal simpen di flash, gak peduli ada apa kagak browser yang dipake,, tinggal wuuzzz pokoknya :D

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