Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They said there is no other hard way in having education. There is no too meaningful burden we have in getting ourselves ready to get the education. And now, along with so many advantages we can have with the development of internet, it is not really difficult for us to get the proper education. Why is it so? It is all because we can have some websites working for us to support our needs.

Nouveau Riche University is the school which is available online on the internet. We can try to apply to this university and certainly have it help us to improve our skill on the entrepreneurship especially the one that is related to the real estate investment. The students of this school are educated with a special methodology called SEEK or Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge. There is also an online student's community in where the students can surely share their experience in accordance with the education they have got from Nouveau Riche University.

And now this online school is being led by the former president of University of Phoenix, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone. She retired from her previous university in 2006 and then joined Nouveau Riche University in 2008.


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