Monday, December 8, 2008

When faced with the Windows Blue Screen Vista error, all of a sudden, your screen freezes and the blue screen display a message which says your screen has frozen. You will be faced with quite a few questions on if any new programs or hard ware have been installed recently. You will also find DLL errors.

Faced with this situation, if you are wondering as to what to do, here are a few solutions. These quick fix solutions are especially helpful for a layman and the type who are non techy. If all you are looking for are certain simple solutions to set right this problem then here you go.

1. Start with rebooting the system

Suppose you encounter the blue screen briefly and it does not appear again, all you need to do is to reboot your system and avoid the blue screen crash. I once had a laptop go into the blue screen mode by just bumping it against a table. If any thing like this happens, the best thing you can do is to reboot your system and hope the problem does not repeat itself.

The problem of blue screen of death can be more frequent. In such cases there are certain things to be fixed.

2. Replacing the RAM

Random Access Memory or the RAM is located in the mother board. This hardware is rectangular in shape and is the storehouse of information. The information is accessed by the CPU from the RAM. Computers generally crash if the there is a fault in the RAM and the screen turns blue even as the CPU tries to access the sections. The only solution here is to change the RAM.

3. Get a Registry Cleaner

4. Registry Errors

Errors in the registry of the computer are generally cleaned by the registry cleaner. Information about games, applications, drivers and software present in your computer is stored in the registry. Certain obsolete entries can result in the appearance of the blue screen of death as the registry tends to get corrupted over a long period of usage. A registry cleaner is of immense help here. The blue screen of death can be removed with the help of the registry cleaner which will set right the errors thereby making your computer speedy. This also ensures applications are loaded faster.

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