Friday, December 12, 2008

It's been three years I had joined with my company now. As you ever know before, I'm here as technical support of information and technology department of this company. Along the company more grew up, I have so many experiences to here. Of course it’s related with my working areas about internet, web design, programming, and etc. I've seen that I have help this company to the better lever than before, and I'm grateful for that.

Since the company has many partner today, so they are decided to get addition for the security. Beside examination with metal detector when we have to enter the building, it's also we have to showed up our badge or id cards too. It's good, considered with many issues lately about bomb, terrorist, or perhaps hacker. So I guess some protections like this are necessary.

But unfortunately I was typical slipshod person, who had so many times forgot carried my id card. And so many times too, I had to leave my driver license in lobby desk. What a mess. So now I have to put my id card with lanyards, in order for no longer drop behind my id card in home every time. By the way, I make it looks awesome with placed some retractable badge reels together with my id card and lanyard. Now, I guess I will never leave it no more.


Indra Meissa said...

Yah, ga ada kamus yah ? hehehe... ga bisa terjemahin deh ^_^

Oya, blog yang di buat dengan joomla juga udah di sediain di komunitas Joomla Versus Blogger, kalau mau coba, langsung aja ^_^

komara said...


dapet Job lagi neh om :D

bagi dunkz...

Pertamax !!

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