Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Your Business at Home is a magazine which focuses on reviewing the best company nationwide. This magazine provides the luxury for the readers by serving them full colored pages and also high quality pictures. It is also equipped with the DVD containing the extra information related to the company reviewed inside the magazine. So it means that the company that is reviewed by this magazine must have something great since it only reviews one best company each issue.

On its January 2008 issue, this magazine was reviewing Nouveau Riche. Nouveau Riche is a business school that focuses on developing the students' entrepreneurship by using its special educational methodology. The students are taught to be the great entrepreneurs especially in real estate investment industry. This school was founded in 2002 by Jim Piccolo, a philanthropist who has been joining a lot of humanitarian act and also supporting many business spots nationwide.

Institute of Construction Management and Technology or ICMT was founded in 2006. Now this institute has been added as a part of Nouveau Riche to support it by giving the bachelors and masters degrees in area construction and construction technology. Nouveau Riche itself is now led by the former leader of the University of Phoenix, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone.


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