Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know and I have heard about those issue of crisis economy today, and I'm surfeit because of this. News paper, magazine, television, and even radio had take this situation become their major issues lately. So what if we had through these crisis for once again. Should we blame for Lehman and Brother, Inc because they was declare bangkrupt. Aaahh, I need to calm down for a second. Stay away for this problem, and avoiding numbers hehehe.

So let's arrange some plan to go somewhere. Traveling into some new places, I think it will be fun. What about you ? Don't says you don't have money or you have to save up more your money. For what reason ? You'll be stress if you continously thingking about money, money, and money. My suggestion is, let's relax for a while, and go for traveling like me. And don't worry about the cost, we still can go for traveling even we don't have tons of money.

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