Wednesday, October 29, 2008

website are devided into two kinds of categories : static website and dynamic website. Static web is a website or websites that contain static information, while the dynamic web, is a website or websited that perform information which is dynamic, have a constant change, and able to interact with the users one another.

Static web is usually display it graphics as its prominent style of performance, thus this kind of web doesn't need an advance programming. What needed is graphic designs/web with the ultimate state of art. On the contrary, dynamic web has so many things to perform especially the data management. That is why in dynamic web, the ability of programming is a must.

Static means that the information or 'code' that makes up the website doesn't change. It has been crafted to work like a printed document and to be referred to on the web. You will find a lot of brochure sites are constructed this way, and it is not a bad thing as there is some much more that can be done design-wise and in the construction, when we know how it will look consistently in every browser.

Dynamic means that the data or content can change 'dynamically'. This content is usually fed from a database or Content Management System (CMS) so when the data is updated, the text and images on the website are also updated. This opens up a lot of options on the business applications of your website, but there are also a lot more variables to consider, and these variables make the design more expensive. Shopping carts and information sites work this way as their content changes frequently and needs to be constantly up to date.


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