Friday, October 31, 2008

There are two kinds of web programming, namely server side programing and client side programming.

In server side programming, all sintax and command will be executed in web server, and the result then sent to the user's browser in the form of commong HTML. In this way, the user will not be able to see the real code that is written in form of programming, such as : CGI/Perl, Active Server Pages, Java Server Page, PHP, ColdFussion , etc

In client side programming, all sintax and command is executed in web browser, the result is users or clients will ask any documents that contains script. These script then will

Be taken from web server, then executed in the pointet web browser. The examples of side programming is like : JavaScript, VbScript, HTML.

If static web designs are the only thing you have, then don't dream of do the selling by your website/websites. Many web designs today offer us with free web package. I suggest that you don't take the service. Learning by experiences, these kinds of web is very unfamiliar to big search engine like google and yahoo.

Don't limit your web page by having a static web, choose the dynamic web that has an unlimited pages to be uploaded. Why do we need an unlimited pages anyway ? Well because web content is the king.

The more usefull contenct and information, the better search result will be gotten from search engine.


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