Monday, October 20, 2008

Have you ever thought about how you keyword scored ? hmm..if you we think it over, it seems that there's no advantage we get from, but still I make this statement, because me myself is curious about it.

The Picture above shows the SEO Test Results for keyword "Info Baru", with URL It is really a matter that I've never imagine before, the score of Keyword "Info Baru" reaches 3,8 , categorized as Good Keyword with Diagnosis result : Excellent.

Results: Fair
You scored a totalize of 30 points out ofes a possible 40 for this keywords! See Details below.

So how is the score for you keyword?, if you want to know the anser, you can use Web site promotion tools, like the one I already use above.

You only have to click link web site promotion tools, then input URL address of your blog ( ex : ) and keyword that you want to check ( ex : new info ), hereinafter just click and submit, Please see the result.


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